Matwash - Blue Pill - Climbing holds, volumes & equiment
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Matwash Tarpaulin Cleaner is a highly effective washing concentrate and a slightly alkaline cleaning concentrate for the removal of dirt in climbing and sports halls. It is used for cleaning floors, fall and impact protection mats. This cleaner is free of solvents. Matwash can be used with commercially available cleaning devices, high-pressure cleaners and as wiping water.
A 0.5%-2% solution is sufficient to use Matwash in high-pressure equipment. For floor or mat cleaning it is sufficient to use 0.5% of the concentrate. For the first application for basic cleaning, a 10% solution may be required. Warm water can increase the efficiency. For stubborn stains, this cleaner can be used pure, e.g. to remove oils, grease and resin, such as from lifting platforms.