bluepill - volume holds - Diamond 900 Part 4 - Middle connector
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Diamond 900 Part 4



Middle Connector


Wood screws

The new wooden bluepill range of volume holds has various possibilities to connect with each other.

The diamond 900 Part 4 is a large middle connector that can also be used as single volume hold.

Great to adjust the dificulty with some screw on holds.


Variety of colours



We offer 27 standard colors including all industry standard primary colors. In addition, we can offer fluorescent colors, which glow in the black light, for a surcharge of 15%. You have an individual color request? No problem! For only 50, – € extra or for orders from 1.000, – € completely free of charge, we are completely according to your ideas.

Moreover, it is possible to order the volumes with two or three different colors. You can freely decide which side of your volume will get which color. It is also possible to give the edges a different color. You can also have your own logo attached.

The dual-texture option gives you the option to apply only texture to the pages you want for a surcharge of 30%. Thus, not only can you acquire a visual highlight for your gym, but also open up new possibilities for the routesetting.

Additional information

Weight 5,8 kg
Dimensions 900 × 820 × 110 cm