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About Us

We are a young and dynamic team that wants to infuse our work with every emotion of our climbing adventures and the spirit and lifestyle of the climbing community.

Creativity and pleasure are going hand in hand with our daily business.

It all started with the joy for nature, for mountains, for climbing, and living a life full of passion.

Climbing is more than a passion for us, and all these feelings and emotions positively influence our work.

Climbing gives us so much, so we decided to give something back. Through our products, we want to share our knowledge and our experience that everyone remembers what it means to be a climber.


The Crew

proudly presented by bluepill

Joseph Wetzel

Route Setter, Shaper

bluepill Ambassador

Tom Müller

Climber, Route Setter

Fabian Pensel

Climber, Route Setter

Supporting Young Guns

pew pew pew

Lena Herrmann